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Corrugated Sheets Corrugated Sheets Corrugated PVC Cladding

3 Inch Corrugated PVC Sheet

The 3 Inch Asbestos Profiled Corrugated PVC Roofing / Cladding Sheets are available in Heavy Duty (1.1mm Thick) and Heavy Duty Plus (1.3mm Thick).

Colour: Clear


Corrugated 3 Inch PVC Sheets have a Width of 762mm (2.5ft) and a Cover Width of 648mm.

They are available in lengths of 1830mm (6ft), 2135mm (7ft), 2440mm (8ft), 2745mm (9ft) and 3050mm (10ft)

Vistalux 19004 3in ASB 1.1 PVC 1830mm
Out of stock Qty: SKU: S10258164S
£20.62inc. VAT
Vistalux 19008 3in ASB 1.1 PVC 2440mm
In stock Qty: SKU: S10258166S
£27.47inc. VAT
Vistalux 19010 3in ASB 1.1 PVC 2745mm
Ariel In stock Qty: SKU: S10524955S
£30.89inc. VAT
Vistalux 19012 3in ASB 1.1 PVC 3050mm
In stock Qty: SKU: S10258168S
£34.31inc. VAT
Vistalux 20004 3in ASB 1.3 PVC 1830mm
Out of stock Qty: SKU: S10258170S
£24.20inc. VAT
Vistalux 20006 3in ASB 1.3 PVC 2135mm
Ariel In stock Qty: SKU: S10524957S
£28.27inc. VAT
Vistalux 20008 3in ASB 1.3 PVC 2440mm
Out of stock Qty: SKU: S10258172S
£32.20inc. VAT
Vistalux 20010 3in ASB 1.3 PVC 2745mm
In stock Qty: SKU: S10258173S
£36.25inc. VAT