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Fitting Instructions for uPVC Cladding

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uPVC Cladding is becoming increasingly popular, one of the reasons being that it can drastically improve the aesthetics of a property. Cladding was once used to replace old rotten wooden cladding whereas now uPVC Cladding is a firm favourite for new builds. With 11 colours to choose from there is something to suit everyone’s taste, and now installing it couldn’t be easier – just use the below easy to follow fitting instructions for a hassle free cladding installation.


Before You Get Started


  • It’s an obvious one but please ensure you adhere to any health and safety regulations, and if you are not confident – call in the professionals!
  • Check that the timber you are fixing to is of sound condition and check all timber battens have been treated with a preservation solution if required.
  • 150mm Shiplap and 100mm Open-V Cladding should be fixed at 600mm centres, unless the boards are being installed above second storey height, in which case, we recommend fixing them at 400mm intervals – this will also be the case when fitting foiled cladding (i.e. any coloured uPVC cladding).
  • A clear air space of 25mm must be available behind the cladding to allow for ventilation, the most common method to achieve this is to use 25mm x 38mm fixing battens. 


How to Install


  • The first step in the installation process is to secure trims around the areas you are looking to clad –  the recommended products for this would be the 2 Part U-Channel Cladding Trim (G2UCW) or the Cladding U Trim (GUCW), for 90° corners G2ECW would be the most appropriate solution.
  • Due to the hidden fixing points on both the Shiplap and Open V Cladding we recommend using our Stainless Steel Cladding pins (GCP30) to fix the boards to the timber battens.
  • When pinning the cladding, start from the centre, working your way outwards to the edges of the board.
  • When pinning the next boards in place it is important to remember to allow for an expansion of 5mm at each end – this is the same whether you are fitting the cladding vertically or horizontally.
  • When joining lengths our Cladding Joint Covers (GSJ150W) or Cladding Centre Joint Trims (GCJW) are recommended – these are available in the full range of colours.


Tool / Equipment Checklist


  • All the required health and safety equipment
  • Cladding Boards
  • Cladding Starter Trims
  • Cladding 90° Angle Trims (if required)
  • Cladding Joints / End Caps (if required)
  • Cladding Pins
  • Fine toothed saw to cut to size


For further fitting advice, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 01254 918 046 or simply drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you within 1 working day.