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Fitting Instructions for uPVC Gutters and Downpipes

Content Image stocks uPVC FloPlast guttering and downpipes in a range of colours including Black, White, Caramel, Grey and Brown, all of which come in a range of profiles including Ogee, Half Round, Square and High Capacity.


Our range of gutters and downpipes are suitable for most types of properties including domestic and commercial dwellings.


Before You Get Started


Before starting the installation of your uPVC Gutters and Downpipes there’s a few key things to remember to ensure the task is completed to a safe and professional standard.

  • Ensure all Health and Safety regulation are achieved.
  • Check you have all the correct lengths of gutters, downpipes, gutter fixings, gutter outlets etc before removing any existing roofline fixtures.


TOP TIP: It’s always better to have a few extra brackets, than too few.


  • If required, remove any old gutters, downpipes and rotten fascia boards.


How to Install


  • Determine the positioning of the running outlet and fix securely to the Fascia Board


 TOP TIP: Typically the Running Outlet is fixed over an existing drain.


  •  Using a string line, fix the Fascia Bracket 100mm short of the furthest point from the running outlet.


TOP TIP: recommends Fascia Brackets to be installed with the following spacing:


Half Round Gutter lengths– 1m intervals


Square Gutter Lengths – 1m intervals


Ogee Gutter Lengths - 800mm intervals


High Capacity Lengths – 600mm intervals


Note: When using 80mm Round Downpipe with Hi-Capacity and Ogee Gutters, fascia brackets should be spaced at a maximum of 800mm intervals.


  • Gutter Angles and Stop Ends should have Fascia Brackets within 150mm of the fittings, for additional support.
  • Downpipes should be supported below an offset at a maximum of 1.8m intervals.
  • Fix Fascia and Union Brackets at required intervals using our range of Star Screws.


TOP TIP: In areas of heavy snow use two 25mm x 5mm Start Screws to fix guttering to the fascia board.


  • When fixing downpipes, the clips should be fixed using two 32mm x 6.5mm Star Screws.
  • Ensure all gutter seals are lubricated with Silicone Spray for an easy fit and to allow movement caused by expansion and contraction, often caused by varying weather conditions.
  • Starting from the Running Outlet insert the back edge of the gutter under the retaining lip of the wrap and clip. Slight pressure may be required on the front edge of the retaining clip when fixing the gutter.