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Fitting Instructions for Klober Dry Verge

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The easy to install Klober Dry Verge is now available from Here’s our easy to follow installation guide.


Before You Get Started


  • Ensure you adhere to any health and safety regulation.
  • Ensure all Batten Ends are in good condition with no signs of rot.
  • Check you have all the correct equipment to complete the installation.
  • If installing on to an existing building, ensure all under cloak and mortar bedding is removed before installing the Klober Dry Verge units.
  • Check you have enough universal dry verge pieces if using the interlocking system.


How to Install


  • Nail a Batten End Clip to the end of every batten.

TOP TIP: Ensure the battens extend beyond the gable wall or barge board by at least 20mm before fixing the Batten End Clip. If Batten End Clips are not being used we recommend that the batten is extended by 30mm.


  • Fix the Eaves Closure to the end of the Fascia Board or brick work.
  • Fit the initial Klober Dry Verge Unit, making sure it is as close to the Eaves Closer as possible
  • Each time a Verge Tile is laid slide on the Klober Universal Dry Verge Unit up to the edge of the tile engaging with the Dry Verge Unit below.
  • Nail the Dry Verge Unit into position through the End Clip.
  • Insert a Ridge Closer to the last Dry Verge Unit, ensuring it is interlocking with the combs of each of the Dry Verge Units at the apex.
  • Fix the Ridge End Cap to the Ridge Batten using Star Screws.


Installing Dry Verge to Existing Buildings


  • Once all under cloak and mortar has been removed a timber batten can be installed running from the eave to the ridge.

TOP TIP: This batten should overhang the barge board or brickwork by 30mm so units can be installed securely.


  • Continue to follow the steps as per the ‘How to Install’ instructions.


For continuous Dry Verge, please follow these installation instructions.