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uPVC Cladding

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We offer an extensive range of uPVC Cladding – manufactured from high density uPVC, our cladding range is both high quality and competitively priced. We stock

Open V (100mm)


Shiplap (150mm)



Double Embossed (333mm)

Cladding, all available at low online prices.

All of our uPVC Cladding is supplied as a 5m length and available in a range of colours. Both the Open V and Shiplap Cladding is manufactured by Homeline and our range of Double Embossed is manufactured by Durasid. The Shiplap Cladding range boasts the largest colour range, spanning 15 different colours.

If you require any further information on our uPVC cladding products or simply want to know more about uPVC cladding please do not hesitate to contact us.


 A brilliant low maintenance, stylish and weather resistant solution.


 uPVC Cladding is a fantastic choice for those looking to improve and refresh the appearance of their property. It’s easy to install, low maintenance and weather resistant making it perfect for those looking to replace old timber cladding with a modern alternative.


As our range of External Cladding has been specifically designed for outside walls we understand that most homeowners want the colour of their cladding to match their windows and doors, which is why we provide both our Shiplap and Open-V Cladding in over 13 colours including Black, Rosewood, Mahogany, Oak and White our range of uPVC Cladding will certainly help you to improve the look of a property – commercial or domestic!


Which Exterior Cladding is for you?


Although Shiplap, Open-V  and Double Embossed Cladding all look very similar once installed they are slightly different in their appearances and sizes – something that may determine which type of exterior cladding is for you.


Shiplap Exterior Cladding is available in 5m lengths and is 150mm in width, all corners and joints are also available at


Like our Shiplap Cladding, our Open-V Cladding is available in 5m lengths, however has a width of 100mm making it great if for those that are looking to apply the cladding in a slightly smaller area.


Our range of Double Embossed cladding is the wider of all of our exterior claddings having a width of 333mm. Tradesmen often refer to Double Embossed cladding to ‘double plank cladding’ as it is essentially two layers of Shiplap Cladding.


If you need more advice regarding which exterior cladding is best for your job call us on 01254 918 046.