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Heatshield Technology Fascia

As we start to approach the Summer months ahead of us and you’re thinking about getting those tatty old, rotting fascias replaced, then you’ve come to the right place!


Here at Direct Plastics, we stock an extensive range of HomeLine fascias, that are industry accredited and known for their high-quality and durability.


One of the main features of our fascia that put us above a number of our competitors, is our heatshield technology – this prevents the boards from discolouring, warping, weathering or any other kind of changes that could negatively impact our fascias.


The technology is designed to protect a number of different applications from extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) and is applied to more than just our fascia boards. This includes the automotive industry, marine industry, military, heavy-duty and with further applications in industrial use, it is clear to see why the technology is so popular.

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Although we doubt our fascia boards will be ending up on another planet anytime soon, the technology used on the boards is the same as that used by some types of spacecraft! This is in order to withstand the high temperatures the vessels face when re-entering the atmosphere.


Back to our fascias though, all of our Homeline BBA approved, heatshield technology applicated fascia boards come with a 15-year guarantee for co-extruded boards and a 10-year guarantee for all of our foiled boards, giving you a huge peace of mind if you are thinking of taking our your current fascias.


With over 13 different colours to choose from and a number of size options, check out our range of fascia to suit all tastes.


Whether you are after a woodgrain colour to match a traditional property, such as Rosewood, Light Oak or Irish Oak, or after something more contemporary to liven up your home such as Agate or Anthracite Grey, we are sure you will appreciate our fantastic selection of fascias.