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Choosing the right trim for the job


Here at one of our largest and most popular product ranges is our uPVC Trims! We have 12 different colours available, including Anthracite Grey, Dark Grey and Slate Grey, plus the classics colours including Black, White and Rosewood to name a few. From Architraves to Angle trims and D-sections to Quadrants, we have everything you need to get a professional finish on your installation.

To help you choose the trim best suited to your installation, we have compiled this handy guide below:



uPVC Architrave is predominantly used to cover damage caused to the brickwork and plaster during a door or window installation. White used to be the most popular colour for this, but with the increasing availability of coloured composite doors, we extended our range of trims to match the ever growing uPVC and composite colour market. Our range of uPVC architraves are available in 40mm, 60mm and 90mm.

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D-Section Trim

Our D-section Trim has very similar uses to the Architrave Trim. However, the appearance differs slightly as the edges are curved. Only available in 25mm.

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Quadrant Trim

The trim has two flat edges at a 90 degree angle joined together with one curved side, making this particular uPVC trim perfect for creating a smooth join around laminate flooring, shower trays, and many other installations. Available in 12mm and 19mm.

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Edge Fillet Trim

Edge Fillet trims are often used to cover gaps between boards and for softening the look of internal and external joints. Available in 20mm.

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Rectangular Trim

The rectangular trim is used in a similar way to the architrave, to cover and neaten a window installation, but often used for box sash windows. Available in various colours and sizes including 15mm x 13mm, 22mm x 20mm and 25mm x 30mm.

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Rigid Angle Trim

A solid right-angled trim, which can be used as corner and edge protection for boards, walls, panels and pillars. Available in 25mm x 25mm, 50mm x 50mm and 80mm x 80mm.

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Flexible Angle Trim

Similar to the Rigid-Angle trim but can be manipulated to cover wider and shorter angles rather than just the 90° that is offered on the rigid angle. Available in 25mm x 25mm, 35mm x 35mm and 50mm x 50mm.

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How to Install

It’s an old saying but it is still a useful tip ‘measure twice and cut once’! Pre-measure all your lengths before cutting and ensure you have some Neutral Silicone and in the case of the larger trims, such as the Rigid Angle, some Plastic Headed Pins. We have every colour of plastics headed pins you need to match our broad range of trims. 

Before you apply the trim ensure that the area you are applying it to is clean and dry, otherwise you may have issues with the trim setting. Once you have done this simply apply a fixing silicone to the reverse side of the trim (this allows for movement and expansion during the different seasons) and then apply the trim directly to the surface area.

In the case of using our larger trims, we recommend using Plastic Headed Pins at 400mm intervals to ensure a firm fix.

We understand that choosing the right trim can be daunting, particularly when there is no many to choose from! So, if you’re still unsure which trim is the right trim for you, simply give us a call on 01254 918 046.

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