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White Vented Soffit
White Vented Soffit
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White Vented Soffit Boards

The uPVC White Vented Soffit is 5m in length and designed to allow airflow around the roof space whilst keeping large insects and small birds out.


Manufacturer: Homeline

Width: 100mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm, 225mm, 250mm, 300mm, 405mm, 450mm, 500mm or 605mm

Thickness: 9mm

Length: 5m

Guarantee: 15 years

Product Type: White uPVC 9mm Soffit Board

Colour Availability: Black Ash, Rosewood, Light Oak, Mahogany, Grey, Cream, Irish Oak, White and many more!


Flat Board Vented 100mm (White) In stock Qty: SKU: GVB100W
£9.93exc. VAT
Flat Board Vented 150mm (White) In stock Qty: SKU: GVB150W
£16.41exc. VAT
Flat Board Vented 175mm (White) In stock Qty: SKU: GVB175W
£20.48exc. VAT
Flat Board Vented 200mm (White) In stock Qty: SKU: GVB200W
£22.84exc. VAT
Flat Board Vented 225mm (White) In stock Qty: SKU: GVB225W
£24.78exc. VAT
Flat Board Vented 250mm (White) In stock Qty: SKU: GVB250W
£29.61exc. VAT
Flat Board Vented 300mm (White) In stock Qty: SKU: GVB300W
£33.24exc. VAT
Flat Board Vented 405mm (White) In stock Qty: SKU: GVB405W
£43.32exc. VAT
Flat Board Vented 450mm (White) In stock Qty: SKU: GVB450W
£63.78exc. VAT
Flat Board Vented 605mm (White) In stock Qty: SKU: GVB605W
£75.38exc. VAT
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