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Light Oak Multi-Purpose uPVC Board
Light Oak Multi-Purpose uPVC Board
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uPVC Multi-Purpose Board (Golden Oak)

Manufactured by Homeline Building Products, the uPVC Multi-Purpose Board (also known as Soffit Board) can be used for a range of projects, but is most commonly used for the underside of the roofline. Available in widths ranging from 100mm to 400nm, all of which are 9mm thick.


Manufacturer: Homeline

Width: 100mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm, 225mm, 250mm, 300mm and 400mm

Length: 5m

Guarantee: 10 years

Product Type: Light Oak Multi-Purpose uPVC Board

Colour Availability: Black, White, Rosewood, Mahogany and many more!


Flat Board 100mm (L/Oak) In stock Qty: SKU: GMB100.LO
£17.00exc. VAT
Flat Board 150mm (L/Oak) In stock Qty: SKU: GMB150.LO
£21.06exc. VAT
Flat Board 175mm (L/Oak) In stock Qty: SKU: GMB175.LO
£24.30exc. VAT
Flat Board 200mm (L/Oak) In stock Qty: SKU: GMB200.LO
£25.52exc. VAT
Flat Board 225mm (L/Oak) In stock Qty: SKU: GMB225.LO
£31.49exc. VAT
Flat Board 250mm (L/Oak) In stock Qty: SKU: GMB250.LO
£36.23exc. VAT
Flat Board 300mm (L/Oak) In stock Qty: SKU: GMB300.LO
£41.10exc. VAT
Flat Board 400mm (L/Oak) In stock Qty: SKU: GMB400.LO
£54.79exc. VAT